Greetings from First Aid Bangladesh

First Aid Bangladesh is a non-profitable organisation aims to help people to get immediate first aid at home, work place or public gathering to protect lives for further harm. At present, the population is above 160 million in Bangladesh and due to the shortage of modern equipment and skilled people, most of the citizens do not get primary first aid timely which cause unexpected death often. However, it takes enough time to arrive to a nearest hospital or clinic due to the traffic jam which creates unnecessary delay in getting immediate care. First Aid Bangladesh believes, an immediate care sometimes can prevent a further harm which might be very helpful to a patient to save their lives.

We have been working to introduce first aid practice from door to door with an aim to stop visiting any hospitals for minor injuries unless this is life-threatening situation. We believe, our small initiative would help to reduce the over crowd problems in the public hospitals or clinics in Bangladesh. We also aim to reduce unnecessary delay in getting emergency treatments throughout the country by shifting them to a nearest hospital or clinic within a minimum time.

We wont provide any clinical treatment except ensuring first aid only to prevent further harms and shifting the patient safely to a nearest hospital in life-threatening situation. We dream to make each single person capable to take care of themselves in emergency.

More about us

The founder of First Aid Bangladesh had visited to North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) headquarters located at Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom in 2013. The aim of the visit was to understand and explore the overall operational activities of the modern emergency ambulance service system and the paramedic care activities. NWAS published this trip information on their community bulletin to introduce First Aid Bangladesh with their community people. We do appreciate this great initiative of NWAS and very thankful to them for their constant supports towards First Aid Bangladesh them. We are honored to have their cordial love and well-wish towards us. Please find a e-copy of the bulletin here !!