“Nobody should die without getting the minimum first aid”

First Aid Bangladesh (FAB) wants to ensure timely treatment for all citizens in Bangladesh to reduce the unexpected death rate by introducing first aid practice. We believe, immediate care helps not only to prevent the further harms, but also helps patient not to go to the hospital unless it is a life-threatening situation. FAB won’t provide any major clinical treatments except ensuring first aid. The strategy of FAB is to ensure first aid to prevent an incident for any further harm and take necessary initiative to shift the patient to a nearest hospital by calling ambulance while it seems a life-threatening situation. We are keen to introduce pre-hospital care in ambulance to minimize the unnecessary delay at hospital to get treatments. To make a healthy Bangladesh, we want to make the process of getting medical care more convenient and flexible to the citizens.

We aim to ensure 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency medical care to those people in need of emergency medical treatment. We are keen to response rapidly to ensure immediate first aid if anyone gets injured and need a help to get immediate treatment throughout the country. We want to ensure timely medical care through first aid practice to prevent any further harms of an accident affected people. 

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