Greetings from Founder

As a populated country, the unexpected death ratio is increasing significantly in Bangladesh each year. Shortage of modern equipment and skilled people the growth of this ratio is moving forward. As a developing country, it is very difficult to keep this numbers minimum, but an immediate first aid may keep this minimum. We believe, everybody has the right to get immediate care and it is really nightmare for the government alone to make a significant change to ensure emergency health care towards all. In this point of view, we are trying to establish a non-profitable emergency health care wing in Bangladesh to assist the people to get immediate first aid by our solders at home, work place and public gathering to protect their lives from further harms. We know, this wont make the massive change over the night but could reduce the numbers.

We feel, it is very important to make emergency medical assistance available towards all generation people with a minimum cost. As a developing country, it is very difficult to afford the medical expenses often for the low or average income level people, but an immediate first aid with a minimum cost can help them to prevent any further harms from major incidents. It has been agreed that a timely treatment can save a life for further hard and what I believe - nobody should die without getting the minimum first aid. Besides, if we can provide first aid to the minor injured patients outside hospital or clinic, this would lead a significant changes in our health care system in Bangladesh.

With this aim, we are exploring the modern mechanism of proving emergency health care systems in the UK and USA. Besides, trying to understand the fastest process of ensuring the urgent medical care in life-threatening situation. We believe, our little experience would help our nation to ensure fastest emergency medical care to save more lives in future.

Hadiur Rahman, Founder